Thank you West Florida for catching the passion of Speed the Light and LIVE|DEAD initiative!  In January we had almost 700 people attend our STL tour..  They caught the vision and began to give passionately.  During our youth convention, we took up a miracle offering and students continued to give.  We ended 2014 giving the highest amount in West Florida history, giving just over $226,000 and ranked 9th in the nation out of 67 districts!  In 2005, our district under the leadership of  Pastor Scott Lingerfelt gave over $224,000 and that had remained our highest amount to date.

For 2015 we have launched, The Human Right movement.  This year’s STL tour saw over 700 in attendance and we’ve already collected over $409,000 in pledges!!  Students are passionate about human rights and injustices taking place around the world.  Now, they are passionate about making sure EVERYONE has the most basic human right afforded to them and that’s the Right to know JESUS.

Over 40% of the world has NO ACCESS to the gospel!  The good news is, we have teams of missionaries being trained and already moving into those locations through the various LIVE|DEAD groups and other missionary initiatives.  The bad news is, their effectiveness will be extremely limited without the help of Speed of Light!  Speed the Light is about essential transportation, creative communication and compassionate demonstrations.  Will you get on board with our mission to equip our missionaries both at home and abroad to help people have access to their most basic human right and that is to KNOW JESUS?  John 1:12 says, “But to all who believed Him and accepted Him, He gave THE RIGHT to become children of God” (emphasis mine).

Silence is the enemy of truth!  The greatest injustice is not only for people to die without hearing about the Gospel, it’s also to know Jesus, yet remain silent.  We are not only challenging students to give to Speed the Light, we are also challenging them to speak up with our #RaiseYourVoice campain.  Time is short, we can’t sit in silence anymore.  The primary purpose of Acts 1:8 is empowering us via the Baptism of the Holy Spirit so we can be His witnesses!

Join the movement!  Support Speed the Light and The Human Right and let’s make Him known!